Clio MUD2 Client

Sound Effects


Clio can play sounds effects in response to events within the game. The sounds are standard Windows .wav files, so you can replace them with your own files if you wish to modify the sounds. If you don't want a particular sound to play, you can simply remove the relevant file.


If you are not hearing any sound effects when using Clio, check the following:

  • Make sure that your sound card and drivers are correctly installed, and that you can play sound files such as MP3s.
  • Make sure you have Clio version 1.2 or later. Sound effects will not work with versions of Clio prior to version 1.2. Clio displays the version number in the top right-hand corner when you first login to MUD2.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the Clio sound effects. You must download these in addition to downloading the client.
  • Make sure the sound effects have been installed in the Sounds directory below the main Clio directory. By default, Clio is installed in C:\Program Files\Clio MUD2 Client\, and the sound files are installed in C\Program Files\Clio MUD2 Client\Sounds\. If you install Clio in, say, D:\Programs\Clio\ then you must install the sound files in D:\Programs\Clio\Sounds\.
  • In Clio, press the CTRL-W key several times to ensure that sound effects are enabled.

If you are still having problems, please mail with full details.


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MUD2 is copyright MUSE Ltd.