Clio MUD2 Client

The Clio Status Line

Clio displays a status line at the top of the screen when you are in MUD2.  The following information is displayed:

Sta:120/120 Your current and maximum physical stamina. The current stamina is colour coded to indicate your health.
Mag:120 Your current magical stamina.
Dex:100/100 Your current effective dexterity.
Str:100/100 Your current effective strength.
204,800 Your current score. Initially this is displayed in brown, but it changes to green if your score has increased during the current game, and to red if your score has decreased.
Deaf Dumb Your current disabilities. A combination of Deaf, Dumb, Blind, and Crippled. These may be shortened to Df, Dm, Bl, and Cr if space is short.
kaidrourzai The last dreamword you saw. Once the dreamword has been spoken, it is removed from the status line.
Sunny The current weather conditions. This can be one of Sunny, Cloud, Rain, Snow, or Storm. If Storm is displayed in green it indicates a rain storm, and if it is displayed in white it indicates a snow storm.
105 The number of minutes remaining until the next scheduled automatic reset. If the reset has been initiated, the number of minutes until the actual reset is displayed.


Last updated: 26 August, 2002 by Clio is copyright 2002 Ian Peattie. All rights reserved.
MUD2 is copyright MUSE Ltd.