Clio MUD2 Client


Clio For Windows
This is Clio 1.8 for Windows.
Client & Sounds (1,999K)
Client Only (645K)
Sounds Only (1,363K)
If you have a previous version of Clio, you can download an upgrade (120K) to version 1.8.


Clio For Unix
This is Clio 1.6 for Unix.
Linux (x86) (39K)
Linux (Sparc) (40K)
Linux (Alpha) (44K)
Linux (PPC) (38K)
OpenBSD (x86) (37K)
FreeBSD (x86) (36K)
SCO OpenServer (105K)
UnixWare 7 (68K)
Solaris 8 (Sparc) (38K)
Sound Effects (1,165K)


Clio For MacOS
This is Clio 1.6 for MacOS X.
MacOS X (PPC) (74K)
Sound Effects (1,165K)


Source Code

Clio is open source software, distributed under the MIT licence. You can download the Clio source code from SourceForge.

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Other MUD2 Clients
If Clio doesn't do what you want, you might find one of these other MUD2 clients more to your liking.

McNabb's Client


Although it is not specifically a MUD2 client,  ZMud from Zuggsoft is also very popular with MUD2 players. UNIX users should check out MCL. See Pure Mac for other Mac MUD clients.

You can also play and using java clients on their web pages.


Screen Image
Clio Screen Image


Clio is a text-based MUD2 client for Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS X. Like any other telnet client, Clio connects to the MUD2 server allowing you to login to the game. However, once you have logged in, it switches the server to a special MUD2 client mode, providing a constantly updated display of your persona’s status, as well as details about the state of the current reset.

Clio works with MUD2 on both and, and can also be used as a standard telnet client for non-MUD2 MUDs, such as British Legends.


 11th January 2004 
Clio version 1.8 released for Windows. If you already have Clio for Windows, you can download a new executable and just drop it in your C:\Program Files\Clio MUD2 Client\ folder, replacing the clio.exe that is already there.

If you don't have a previous version, you should download the full version (1,999K).

See the changes.txt file for a list of what's new in version 1.8.


* MUD2 Status Line including:
* Stamina.
* Magic.
* Dexterity.
* Strength.
* Score.
* Disabilities.
* Dreamword.
* Weather.
* Reset Time.
* Input Buffer.
* Command History.
* Definable Function Keys.
* Logging in Plain Text of Full Colour HTML.
* Automatic Login.
* Dream Word Capture.
* Single-Key Dream Word Shortcut.
* and Colour Schemes.
* ANSI Colour Mode.
* Scroll Back Buffer.
* MUD2 Sound Effects.


If you have any comments about Clio, please email or MUDMail CLIO on either or If you are reporting a bug, please remember to mention the version of Clio that you are using.



Last updated: 11 January, 2004 by Clio is copyright 2001-2004 Ian Peattie. All rights reserved.
MUD2 is copyright MUSE Ltd.